Joel I. Klein, Chancellor
Chancellor's Strategic Response Group
52 Chambers Street, Room 215, New York, NY 10007

April 27, 2006

Ms. Gwen Goodwin
Coalition to Save P.S. 109
152 East 100th Street, Suite 5E
New York, NY 10029

Dear Ms. Goodwin

I am in receipt of your petition and correspondence sent to Mayor Bloomberg regarding the restoration of P.S. 109M. He has forwarded your correspondence to the Department of Education so that we may respond accordingly.

Upon receipt of your correspondence, I contacted staff in New York City School Construction Authority to find out information concerning possible funding for the restoration of PS 109 included in the 2005-2009 Capital Budget Plan. I was informed that the information relayed to you in a letter from Mr. William Goldstein, (attached) former President and CEO of the NYC School Construction Authority, remains the same.

I trust this information proves useful. Thank you for writing to Mayor Bloomberg.


Monica Davis
Deputy Director