Tues., July 18, 2006, LaGuardia Memorial House, 307 E. 116 St. (1-2 Aves.)
Come and express your outrage to NYS Assembly member Adam Clayton Powell IV! Education FIRST! Demand that Powell help lead the fight to restore P.S. 109
AS A SCHOOL! "ArtSpace" give-away? NO!
Artist Housing has spearheaded gentrification in every single neighborhood since the 1970s in SOHO!
  • Join the Coalition to Save P.S. 109.
  • Urge our public officials, Mayor Bloomberg and Schools Chancellor Klein, to restore and reuse P.S. 109 as a public school for its rightful owners: The children of El Barrio!
Our School, Our Jewel, Our Children
Against very steep odds the Coalition to Save P.S. 109 successfully stopped the illegal demolition of P.S. 109 in 1999, then went on to landmark the building with the National register of Historic Places. The proposed ArtSpace takeover is not a done deal. ArtSpace suddenly snuck onto the scene in July 2005, with a no-bid, sweetheart offer brokered by Operation Fightback. During the entire 7-year struggle to protect the building, Operation Fightback never even wrote one letter of support or took any stand to save the building. Now, they want to jump the line ahead of everyone elses and permanently deprive our kids of desperately needed school space.

The smell of money and contracts has a way of luring people away from the true public interest. Just ask ex-Coalition architect Raymond Plumey who recently threw his support to the ArtSpace proposal, while maneuvering for a piece of the action in the form of a lucrative job.

The restoration and reuse as a school of P.S. 109 would provide 1,200 additional seats for the children of New York City, and would educate thousands many thousands of children in the future. Its example would also educate the public that yes, you can fight City Hall and win!
Coalition to Save P.S. 109 152 East 100th St. #5E NYC 10009 212-534-0963
http://www.SavePS109.com SavePS109@yahoo.com